We wish engaging and full of result stay!

Hermitage of Camaldolese Priory on Bielany in Krakow Konarowa Avenue 1
30-248 Krakow – Bielany
Phone +48 12 429 76 10 (cloister gate)
Phone/fax +48 12 429 81 80 (prior)

Bank PEKAO S. A. I O/Krakow
Bank account number:
26 1240 1431 1111 0000 1045 8286
Hermitage of Camaldolese Priory on Bielany in Krakow House of Contemplation

Modernization of the House of Contemplation co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund within Integrated Operational Program of Regional Development and the state budget – Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Resources within the Operational Program: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Promise

"Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wildness and speak tenderly to her."

(Hosea 2,14)

"In returning and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and in trust shall be your strength."

(Isaiah 30,15)

Daily schedule
3.30 Bell
3.45-4.30 The Hour of readings, The Angelus (in the church)
4.30-5.30 Spiritual reading (in a cell)
5.30 Lauds, Mass, Midmorning prayer (in the church)
7.30 Breakfast (in a cell)
8.15-11.15 Work
11.30 Rosary (in the church)
12.00 The Angelus, Midday prayer (in the church)
12.15-14.30 Dinner (in a cell), free time
14.30 Midafternoon prayer (in the church)
15.00-16.30 Work
16.45-17.30 Supper (in a cell)
17.30 Vespers, The Angelus (in the church)
18.00-19.00 Spiritual reading (in a cell)
19.15 Prayers at the End of the Day (Compline)
Psalm 130 for dead
The Holy silence
On the first Friday of the Month and on grater celebrations:
17.30 Vespers, The Angelus
Prayers at the End of the Day (Compline)
Psalm 130 for dead

  • Stay in the Hermitage have nature of individual retreats , that is prayer in silence, in solitude and in isolation from world - to follow camaldolesian life.
  • Presence in liturgical payers and Mass is obligatory.
  • We encourage eager to common physical work in solitude – after prior adjust it with brother of guests.
  • The Holy silence to be in force after Prayer at the End of the Day.
  • After Compline everybody stay in his room.
  • We don’t enter to another guest’s room.
  • Terrain between hermits’ cottage and other hermitage’s buildings are reserved exclusively for monks. We go to forest through side gate on churchyard.
  • It is necessary to report in cloister gate every departure from hermitage.
  • Brother of guests or prior give all information witch concern to stay in hermitage. We ask you for respect towards solitude and silence of monks.
  • To make photos in hermitage it is necessary to have consent from prior.
  • We ask you for getting meals in harmony with schedule of a day.
  • At once after meal – about 12.45 – it is necessary to put mess tin on stool in front of cell. Don’t wash them.
  • We ask you for removing kettle from its base before going to bed.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in hermitage accommodations.
  • Listen to music or radio is allowed only with headphones.
  • The cost of stay comes to 50 PLN for a day – we pay fee to brother in cloister gate on departure day.
  • The possible gifts we donate to brother in cloister gate.